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Cholesterol does not cause Heart Disease

Why are there so many firmly held beliefs about high total cholesterol and heart disease?

Pharmaceutical companies pushing huge amounts of statin drugs.   Insurance companies fear tactics.  Physicians complete and complicit buy in.  These are just some of the things working against the truth coming out about the real cause of Heart Disease.  

The truth of the matter is that cholesterol itself does not cause or lead to heart disease.  Your own body’s inflammation is actually the trigger that causes your arteries to start to cake up with plaque.

Cholesterol Lie

Cholesterol is actually required for you to live!  Our bodies must have a certain amount in order to be healthy yet our healthcare system is determined to drive our levels to the lowest amount possible.  Why is this?

Look to the pharmaceutical industry for the answer.  There is a great deal of money to be made on statin drugs to lower cholesterol.   These drugs do indeed lower cholesterol levels in your body, but because cholesterol isn’t what poses the heart risk, they aren’t doing any good.  In fact, they actually introduce a great deal of inflammation which is the actual cause of heart disease!

When you both to get your cholesterol checked there is one number and one number only that set the doctors and medical community into an uproar instantly if it is just a touch over the limit.  Why?  Why aren’t they concerned before that magic number and only concerned the moment you cross it?  You will be surprised to find out how that number became the limit.  It isn’t for a good scientific reason like you might think!

What about those other numbers you get, why aren’t they called into question as much?  The good news in all this is that YOU can learn how to read your numbers properly and determine if you have a real cholesterol problem or not.  Given the numbers, you can perform some simple ratio calculations and determine if you are really at risk or if your body health is actually improving despite the “one magic number” the medical community uses.   You can then use this information to keep from taking expensive, dangerous statin drugs that will drive your inflamation levels UP and increase your real risk for heart attack!

How is this possible you might ask?

You can read all about the answer to this and many other questions on cholesterol in the book, “The Great Cholesterol Lie” by Dr. Dwight Lundell.   It is well worth your time!




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