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Reducing Calories is not the Answer to Reducing Fat

If you have been spending your life hungry, depriving yourself of enough food just so you can lose weight, now is the time to stop.  The keys to sustainable, healthy weight loss is not reducing the number of calories you eat.   The answer does not Too FAT?involve pills, wraps, or anything else that is unsustainable but it does require that you forget some of the things you have learned growing up about nutrition.

The solution is something your body will adapt to and benefit from because it is what your body was intended to do!  Your body was not intended to suffer one fad diet after another.  It views these as what they are, attacks against the body and it will strike back at you, by putting on reserves of fat in order to survive!  Many of the current diet AND exercise plans can cause you to gain fat.

The sad thing about this misinformation is that it is causing us to lose confidence as the media messages are all that this is your fault because you don’t have enough will power which is simply NOT TRUE!

This lie is also affecting our children in devastating ways.  When the parents all buy into the lie, it is passed on to our children and they have never been as obese as a collective group as they are today.  As you may imagine, the answers are not all about food and eating.  Sleep and Stress play very key roles in how your body will process what you eat and how much fat you gain and where you gain it.

Jassa Method
If you are looking for the true way to reduce fat and are tired of the lies, you should check out the Jassa Method.  Jason Seib and Sarah Fragoso have a proven track record helping people change their lives.


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